TW Scripts SDK

This is an unofficial Tribal Wars scripts library.
This is a private project, it is not affiliated or supported by Tribal Wars.

The ideology behind this is based on a principle similar to “convention over configuration”. What this means is that through this library I try to take away decisions from the user and integrate those decisions into the library.

The more decisions like this are taken away from the developer the faster she/he can focus the attention on the core business logic of the script instead of having to think about how to solve trivial tasks like how to fetch world data safely, check if the current world has support for archers or not, etc. All of this (and more) has been baked into the library.

What problems does the library solve?

  • unified UI (wherever can the UI be unified)
  • unified logic to fetch world config data, unit config data, buildings config data
  • unified logic to fetch villages, players, ally, etc data
  • unified logic to do consecutive get requests with delay
  • unified logic to check if the world supports paladins, archers, watchtowers, church, etc
  • lots of helper methods pre-prepared for you
  • unified logic for script debug notices
  • unified logic for script hit counter
  • unified logic for translations


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