The Tribal Wars Scripts website is built and maintained by RedAlert.

The website and the scripts listed here are a private project. They are not related with my responsibility at Tribal Wars as a moderator. Tribal Wars and/or InnoGames GmbH have no responsibility towards offering support for issues you might encounter using the scripts listed on this website or issues with the website itself.

The goal of this website is to help players find Tribal Wars scripts, in a fast, simple, and safe way. All the scripts listed on this website are legal, please read the Disclaimer for more information.

As a long-time Tribal Wars player myself, I always looked out for scripts in different places. That had it’s own problems. It was difficult to know which script was legal and which one was not. It was difficult to know how the script would work, etc.

So those where the questions that I wanted to answer. Every single script listed on this scripts database, has information that answers all the questions you as a player might have.

For the full list of approved and legal to be used scripts on the Tribal Wars International server feel free to check the Scripts forum:
That is the only officially approved scripts listing for the Tribal Wars international server.

This does not make the scripts listed on this website non-legal (all the scripts found on this website are also listed there). This only means that whenever in doubt about a script, feel free to check the Approved Scripts section on the forums.

It is not allowed to copy code from the scripts I have written without permission and incorporate it into your scripts.