How to do mass faking?

Download Opera GX browser. Other browsers could be used too but I recommend this one since this has a specific, it allows the user to set up custom keyboard shortcuts. Which is what is going to help us do mass faking and very fast rate. Without this custom shortcuts capability, this can not be achieved.

Once the browser is installed, go to the full settings page by clicking here:

This will be opened:

Click on the shown link and this will be opened:

On the highlighted search box, enter “shortcuts” to filter settings to show only shortcut related settings.

After having filtered out settings, click on the Configure shortcuts link and this will be shown:

On the search shortcuts input, enter “Switch right through tabs” and something like this will be shown.

From this we can see that I have configured to switch to the next tab, every time Enter key is pressed and every time the 0 key is pressed also.

Here is where the browser set up ends and we go now to the game and set up our fake scripts with hotkeys.

To add a fake script on the quick-bar we will follow this guide and we will assign as hotkey, number 0 (just because on the example in the screenshot I have used number 0 as hotkey to switch tab).

So after having set the script up in the quick-bar, we need to go to the rally point, press 0 number which will load the fake script (and the fake script will fill inputs on rally point) but by pressing 0 we will also switch to the next tab.

So we open like 50 rally points. We repeat this fill rally point process 50 times.

Then we move to the first tab again and we press enter to submit the form. By pressing Enter the form is submitted and also you are brought to rally point confirm screen. You repeat this 50 times.

Then you move again to the first tab and now you press Enter again, very fast. When pressing Enter, the “Send attack” button is pressed and you go directly to the next tab because of shortcut configuration. So you need to repeat this process 50 times, very fast.

It is important for the “Send attack” button to be focused for the method to work. In 99% of the cases it will be focused by default so nothing to worry about. The button is focused by default and it only defocuses if you click somewhere else, which in theory shouldn’t happen, or it happens rarily.